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Making a ‘needs vs wants’ chart

I learned that making a needs vs wants chart when it comes to relationships is VERY helpful! I feel when it comes down to it he/she needs to have more of your needs than your wants the older you get. It’s nice to receive everything you WANT, but what about the things that you truly need? looks can only get you so far (I put those descriptive factors in my wants), but what about stability & being goal oriented? (those were in my needs) Wouldn’t you want someone that is on the same pedestal that you hold yourself on? We set such high standards for other things why not set standards for your potential mate? Below I gave some of my needs vs wants as an example:


 stability, attention, goal oriented, family oriented, clean (hygiene), understanding, kind hearted, motivator, etc…


tall, short cut, athletic(in shape), attractive, cooking partner, regular guy, muscles, tattoos, etc…

what are your needs vs wants?

My Mission:

I created BeautifulUAre because I want every girl to feel like she has someone who understands her. I was once a girl that felt alone like I had no help & I made many many bad decisions as a result of. I want to be like a sister that girls can come to. I want to be an advice giver, a listener, someone to make you smile. I want to be what I wish I had over these past 20 years. 

I see girls all the time doing this that are so heartbreaking & ultimately which will effect them negatively in the end. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I did so if I can intervene in any way this is what I’m going to do! I wanted to make a place where girls are not being judged, are not being misrepresented. I wanted to make a page where you can be yourself. Realize that your beauty is not determined by what anyone says or what the media portrays. I want to set a positive body image! It’s hard enough being a girl/young woman growing up in a world filled with cruelty, but I’m here as one person to take a stand & show that yes, you ARE special & yes, you ARE beautiful. 

Nothing here is held against you. You can be anonymous. I’m sharing my stories as well in the “Shanice’s stories” section so I have nothing to hide as you should feel comfortable enough to speak your mind as well.


Shanice (creator:))